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Behind The Scenes

James Michael House stands out from the crowd with his unique tastes and undeniable talent. There are few things he enjoys more than setting out on a brand-new creative journey. Whether it entails music, film, photography, James' creativity pours from him like a waterfall. Being only a matter of the direction that it is channeled.

Born 1979 in Delaware, United States, James grew up by way of South Carolina and Eastern Pennsylvania before settling in Western Oregon as a young adult. It was there in the Pacific Northwest that he built his recording studio while simultaneously starting a sound company to offer studio services and perform freelance sound engineering/ consulting, and his own record label/ entertainment company to self-release albums and follow other pursuits. This marked the beginning of his venture to expand the boundaries.

Highly intellectual, James has always been one to pursue knowledge and diversity. He has spent time studying in-depth subjects such as Eastern Philosophy and Quantum Physics. He is also said to have inherited much of the ingenuity and analytical mind of his grandfather Ray Butts, inventor of the Tape Echo (Echosonic Amp) and Humbucker guitar pickup (Gretsch Filtertron). An increased mental capacity makes James a natural leader with the ability to multitask and delegate with ease. He is an individual capable of carrying out creative thinking while dealing with anything from analytical engineering to business development, marketing, and management.

Music has long been James' main focus. After dabbling on Trombone in grade school, he began learning guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. He started writing and producing his own music as a teenager. By the time he was a young adult, James had learned to perform just about every step necessary to create music and release it to the world. Two decades later, James is now an audio engineer specializing in recording & editing; a music producer experienced with a range of styles and artist types; a diverse composer of Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Trance/ EDM, & Film Score; and a virtuoso Guitarist & Bassist.


Photography started as a hobby, a personal interest from childhood, and a way to get some photos for album art later on. However, by the time James was in his mid-20's the hobby turned professional when he began licensing some of his vacation photos online. This led to further study and increasing trips focused on landscape and nature photography. Over a decade later, James still focuses on landscape photography, while having branched to explore various styles including modeling, live music, and more. 

Screenwriting was a pursuit started relatively later in James' life. He had long been a huge movie fan, and with his endless creativity, had many ideas through the years for stories. In 2009, when the timing was finally right, he began seriously studying screenwriting privately with a focus on feature film. He spent a few years part-time working with background acting to get more time on set and learn more about film production. James focuses on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, and Action-Adventure genres. Though writing has yet to become a main focus, it is expanding over time with continuing interest in new opportunities. James also has interest in getting further involved as an executive producer of Film and TV, combining his endless creativity with his business investment and production management experience.

Whatever creative journey the future may bring, James Michael House is prepared to take it to the next level, expanding the boundaries of creativity, and becoming a valuable member of any team no matter what role he plays.

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