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Dawn of the Cataclysm

Released in October 2021, Dawn of the Cataclysm raised the bar for James Michael House's work with his signature Squanky Kong music. Featuring the vocal talents of Leah Martin-Brown, Brad Schecter, and DEROSNEC, along with retuning musicians like Lamar Little on drums and Joseph Wooten on Keyboards. It also had Craig Huxley guesting on the closing track We Make the World. Mixed by Buck Snow and Mastered by Bernie Grundman. 


Under a Raven's Review

Released in July 2008 as the debut album for JMH's hybrid rock music project Squanky Kong. He was the composer, lyricist, engineer, and producer. He played all the guitar and bass, and contributed some percussion and vocals. It features lead vocals by Danner and Halie Loren; Keyboards by Joseph Wooten; Woodwinds by Paul Biondi; Drums by Erik Avery & Paul Smith; and other various other guest musicians.

Mixed by JMH. Mastered by Bernie Grundman.


Imminent Insurrection

A raw EP recorded in a rehearsal studio in North Hollywood, CA on a shoe-string budget in 2015. It features JMH as composer, lyricist, engineer, and producer, while also playing all the guitar and bass, with Joseph Michael on vocals; Lamar Little on Drums; and Joseph Wooten on Keyboards. 

Mixed by Jon Mattox. Mastered by Brad Blackwood.


Full Circle

JMH joined Halie Loren to help her produce the album "Full Circle" released in 2006. He was both a co-producer along with Halie, and the primary engineer/ mixer, in addition to contributing guitar and bass performances on several songs.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman


Project Alpha: Universal Reversal

This was the first full-length album produced by James Michael House, shortly after finishing construction of his Oregon Studio. It was mostly compiled from improvisational jazz fusion sessions recorded Sept. 10th-14th, 2001. The exception being three songs composed by JMH. The musicians include JMH - Bass; Joseph Wooten - Keyboard/ Theremin; Dwayne Taylor - Drums; Don Latarski - Guitar; & Chris Dunkelberger - Guitar. JMH engineered all the album, except two mixes, which were done by Chris Dunkelberger.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman.


A Different Cycle

In 2004, JMH took on the pro-bono project to help a struggling Eugene, Oregon artist Olen Kent. It would be a bare-bones production that JMH produced and engineered while also contributing some guitar and bass performances. The limited run CD was mastered and pressed by Discmakers.


Blaster Beam Sessions

During the winter of 2015-2016, JMH worked as the recording engineer with Craig Huxley while tracking one of his Blaster Beam instruments for Bear McCreary's music for the film "10 Cloverfield Lane". The Blaster Beam can be heard through-out the film score and is featured in this video.

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