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Tsunami Diffusion Array

Imagine a massive earthquake under the ocean, triggered by the movement of tectonic plates along the Pacific Rim. It creates huge waves that travel at high speed towards the shores of many countries. People are unaware of the danger, going on with their lives, as the deadly tsunami approaches.

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The HIP Act

One might think honesty in politics would be a given. The leaders that inspire future generations. The creation of policies that govern and define a nation. It would be sensible to think in a global society that claims to value right over wrong, honesty would be top priority. However, it is not. Human corruption runs rampant all over the world, in all areas we touch. Those in politics often act with manipulation and deception to achieve power.

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TIme Machine Paradox

The time machine paradox first crossed my mind some years ago. I was speaking among friends about UFO sightings, and the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting the planet. I believe, with the sheer vastness of the known universe alone, there is intelligent life somewhere out there. However, that same vastness creates some very complex problems with space and time when it comes to traversing the great distances.

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