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James Michael House offers six main skill sets as a service for hire: Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Composer, Photographer, & Screenwriter. Within each of these skill sets there are certain specializations, which are detailed below. A very easygoing and professionally minded individual, James always strives to show real care and attention to any work being performed.


You can book online for common service packages and online consultations for larger projects. Available hours for online booking are evenings and weekends. Weekday scheduling may be available with advanced notice, in addition to many other booking arrangements. Just use the Contact form to reach out with your interests and requirements.

Based in Eugene, Oregon, James is available to travel anywhere in the greater Eugene area at no extra charge, meanwhile he can travel to most parts of Western Oregon (including Portland) with a small fuel/time surcharge that varies by distance. James is also available for out-of-state travel on weekends with advanced notice and expenses paid, He has years of experiencing living and working in Los Angeles, and even has family roots in Nashville, being at home in either city or beyond.

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Focus: Studio Guitar & Bass

With 25 years experience, Guitar is the primary instrument of mastery for JMH. A very diverse player, he can easily go between Heavy Metal, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, and more flat-picking styles on both electric and acoustic instruments. He is a very advanced lead guitarist displaying exceptional speed and dexterity, and being well-versed in improvisation. He cites his biggest influences coming from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Dave Mustiane, Django Reinhardt, B.B. King, Trey Anastasio, and "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

Bass guitar comes a close second with experience and talent. Most often JMH is playing a six-string bass. He is an advanced bassist fluent in various techniques including two-finger, pick, slap & pop, and two-hand tapping. Whether holding down the groove in the background or taking a jazzy solo, he can put the bass wherever the song needs it, with most any style of music. He cites influences coming heavily from Flea, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Steve Harris, and Larry Graham.

To a lessor degree JMH has some basic skills for playing keyboards, drums, and percussion, even a little singing. However, it is his guitar and bass playing that stands out as his instruments of expertise.


Focus: Recording & Editing

JMH is educated in a a wide variety of sound engineering subfields including live sound, recording (tracking), mixing, mastering, editing, and post-production.

His most in-depth experience revolves around studio production with recording (tracking) and waveform editing being his two greatest talents. He has a mind for microphone placement, acoustic environment, and signal flow, enjoying the process of capturing music as best possible raw. Meanwhile coming from a background as a recording-artist piecing together albums from separately recorded session players, he excels at waveform editing (i.e. Pro Tools) from comping vocals to fixing mistakes or tightening performances up across 10+ track acoustic drum recordings. He has experience mixing and mastering full-length albums, singles, and demos in various styles, in addition to working with renowned Mastering Engineers to finish off a release to perfection.

Though the focus is often on music production, JMH also has experience with live sound and various areas related to film production including ADR, sound editing, post-production mixing (re-recording mixer), and foley.


Music & Film

JMH started producing music as he began playing guitar as a teenager over 25 years ago, recording at first on a 4-track portastudio in his bedroom, before soon moving on to a small multi-track home studio in his family's basement. By the time he was a young adult he had begun producing demos and albums alike. He has very good organizational skills, abundant creative input, and is great at connecting with recording-artists and performers. Coming from a diverse musical background he is comfortable working with various styles of Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk/ R&B, Electronic (EDM), and Classical.

Executive Producing for Film & TV is an endeavor JMH always welcomes. Coming from a background as an entrepreneur and business owner, he has confidence in overseeing management from an executive standpoint, being prepared to deal with production, investment, marketing, creative direction, and all aspects of delegation, development, and delivery.


Film/ TV, Video Games, & Media

Being a composer for hire is something that JMH has naturally been open to since becoming a recording-artist as a teen. His stylistic diversity gives him the ability to apply his abundant creativity to a wide range of applications. He specializes in electronic and contemporary ensemble styles (Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc.), while being fully capable of traditional orchestral scores as well.

Though his focus is usually on standalone music, JMH has no problem scoring for the screen, whether Film, TV, Video Games, or other media formats.


Landscape/ Nature, Modeling, Music, Aerial (Drone), Film Set, Headshots, Real Estate

An eye for framing a photo, JMH has a passion for photography. He specializes in landscape photography. With an intuition for judging weather and natural light, he is at home exploring a city or nature preserve alike, seeking the best vantage.

JMH also enjoys working with a variety of other photography styles including modeling (pin-up, glamour, fashion), music (live performance, band/ artist), film set, animals/ wildlife, portraits/ headshots, and real estate/ architecture. He also now offers aerial (drone) photography as well, whether still or 4K video footage. Whatever the photography needs, JMH brings a fresh vision and professional mindset to the shoot.

A photograph does not end with the camera. JMH is also a skilled photo editor (.i.e photoshop). From basic image adjustments to advanced touch-up or item removal, he is capable of a wide range of editing needs.


Feature Film & Television

Imagination and vision are abound in the the writings of James Michael House. He has a particular talent for crafting detailed narrative, creating an interesting world for the audience to explore. A writer dedicated to the story, he holds research and accuracy as key components to developing screenplays. The main genres he works with are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thrillers, Suspense, Drama, and Action/ Adventure.

JMH focuses primarily on original screenplays for feature film. However, he is also available to be commissioned for developing original ideas or adaptations. He can bring a fresh creative perspective and great organizational skills to any project. Whether it is one of the main genres he pursues or not, JMH can become a valuable asset either as a standalone writer, or as apart of a team.

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