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Remote Guitar & Bass Recording Session

Record high-quality electric (or acoustic) guitar and electric bass tracks for your music compositions with top-notch modern and vintage equipment, an experienced audio engineer, and in a professional recording studio session that you have the option to attend virtually. An average session for one instrument track starts at ~$150.

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Audio Engineer     

Editing, Mixing, Mastering

Edit audio with extreme attention to detail for a variety of purposes including pitch and timing correction, vocal and instrument comping, audio restoration, mix prep and clean-up. ~$60 per track with discounts for bulk sessions.  I can also help with your mixing, mastering, and more as an audio engineer. Get your free consultation and quote customized to your specific needs. 

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Photography & Editing

Capture stunning photos through my Digital photography services, perfect for landscapes, real estate, modeling, venues, bands, PR/ marketing purposes. In addition, I offer photo editing for enhanced clarity/ color/ contract, object removal, clean-up/ restoration, whether your photos or mine. Local on-location photo bundle that includes editing select shots starts @ ~$100. 

Photography Services


If you are looking for a producer who can handle many genres and deliver high-quality results, I am the one to consider. I have a wealth of experience as a music producer, working with various styles from Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Americana, and more. He can help you with your project from start to finish, whether you need a demo or a polished single, EP, or album. Contact me today for a free consultation and get ready to make some amazing music.

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If you are looking for a film and media composer who can create original and captivating music for your project, look no further. I'm a versatile composer and songwriter experienced with various genres and styles, from rock, blues, jazz and acoustic to electronic and ambient. Whether you need a catchy theme song, a dramatic score or a subtle background track, I can deliver it with style and creativity.

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If you are looking for a screenwriter to bring your vision to life, you have come to the right place. I'm a screenwriter for hire who can craft compelling scripts in various genres, from Sci-fi and Fantasy to Horror and Thrillers. Whether you have a vague idea, a detailed outline, or an existing draft that needs improvement, I can help you turn it into a cinematic masterpiece. I can also adapt any written story as well. 

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